The Benefits of Employee Engagement in Creating a Happy Workplace

Many organisations work hard to create a happy workplace for their employees because they know that happy employees are one of the keys to their business success. When employees are engaged and happy at work, they directly impact various aspects of business success, including employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall organisational performance. 

Engaged employees are not just satisfied with their jobs; they are enthusiastic, motivated, and fully invested in their work. They go beyond the minimum requirements and actively contribute to the success of the company.

Hence, companies prioritise and foster employee engagement to create a more positive and productive work environment, leading to improved outcomes and sustained growth.

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement refers to the emotional commitment and dedication that employees have towards their organisation’s goals and values.

Engaged employees feel a strong sense of loyalty and commitment to their organisation, have higher levels of job satisfaction due to their emotional connection to their work and are more likely to stay with the company for the long term. They are motivated to speak positively about their company to peers, friends, and even on social media. 

To engage their employees, the Human Resources (HR) department may organise workplace parties, learning lunches, or team-building activities to promote bonding, and introduce recognition programmes and special days to appreciate their staff’s effort and diversity. They might also conduct regular pulse surveys to understand the employees’ preferences or training sessions to encourage continuous development of skills. 

Employee Engagement Activities at Babilou Family Singapore

Babilou Family is a firm believer in engaging with our employees. We organise annual team bonding and retreats like the Teachers’ Day weekend where our staff arranged and conducted their team bonding activities. We also hold an annual Dinner & Dance where all employees from Headquarters and across centres gather to celebrate their achievements as an employee and collectively as a company.

Engaged employees often experience improved mental and emotional well-being, as they find meaning and purpose in their work. In a happy workplace, they feel empowered, appreciated and engaged. This is translated to job satisfaction, better communication and team collaboration for our staff. At Babilou Family, our Touchpoint initiative provides opportunities for regular sessions to facilitate sharing of best practices and bonding between HQ staff and centre leaders. 

We also introduced a Workplace platform, which is accessible globally across all Babilou Family countries. This platform is an interactive and informational tool to share ideas and initiatives among staff within the country and globally, as well as to broadcast company announcements to all Babilou Family employees instantly.  

To foster an environment that supports personal growth, and to enable our employees to learn new skills and expand their horizons, Babilou Family offers a Learning Day which dedicates one day a year for our staff to attend courses for either professional and personal development.

Why We Invest in Employee Engagement in the Workplace?

There are many benefits to reinforcing a happy workplace to engage our employees. One of the most notable advantages of employee engagement is the fostering of innovation. Our employees feel empowered to share their ideas through Workplace, thus nurturing a culture of creativity and fostering growth. 

They are also committed to improving our customer service, which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. This in turn drives higher profitability for our business. 

Furthermore, our efforts to foster a happy workplace has resulted in a positive company culture. The resultant environment appeals to and retains top talent. Take for example, our featured employee Mathi Bavani, who evolved from a passionate Principal at one of our Little Footprints Preschool centres to an accomplished Cluster Manager. Read about her inspiring career evolution here. 

Employee engagement also strengthens communication channels between employees and leadership, promoting transparency and understanding, and subsequently fostering collaboration. Another benefit of employee engagement is that it equips employees with adaptability, making them open to change and adept at navigating new challenges, thereby effectively bolstering our organisation’s agility in a dynamic business landscape

Our employees are also our best ambassadors for our brand. Their advocacy not only promotes our company culture as the best employer, but also works to attract new customers and talent.

Babilou Family Is A Happy Workplace 

Ultimately, Babilou Family Singapore believes that fostering engagement with our employees allows us to be better poised for long-term success.

We are motivated and committed to engaging with our employees as our partners to facilitate sustained growth and solidify our organisation’s position in the competitive education landscape. 

Contact us if you want to know more about developing a career with us or enrolling your child at one of our centres. 

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